About Us

We believe that workwear reflects the image and charaeter of a company.That is why we at PT 3Di GARMENTECH gladly provide ideas on workwear that corresponds to your working environment, field of work and job function.

We never fail to update ourselves with the latest advancements in textile technology and garment enginering

We have been inspired by our team’s kaleidoscopic educational backgrounds and experience to create the perfect harmony between our technical and garment knowledge and fashion perception to achieve supreme quality.


We are equipped with state of the art machineries that are run by our qualified operators. We have been able to produce creative designs consistantly courtesy of our in house designer who is an alumns of SUNY’S FASHION INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY




Team Work” has been our motto since our establishment in 1987. Routine  trainings, technology advancement  and top notch facilities fhave  inspired  our team  to  create  our vision ad mission :


To be a world class garment manufacturing company that is environmentally friendly,economically feasible, employee wellbeing and socially conscious.


1. To produce high quality products with competitive pricing.
2. To view customer satisfaction as priority.
3. To increase productivity whilst minimizing carbon foot print.
4. To prioritize employee safety and welfare.
5. To build a good kinship with society.